Your automatic opener works, but not like it should. When do you need to call a garage door professional? Before you skip the service call or try a DIY fix, take a look at the top reasons homeowners call experts about their garage doors.

A Noisy Door

Garage doors are never completely silent. Even the highest quality opener will come with some small noises. But when your door starts to make new, odd, or excessively loud noises, it’s time to call the professional.

What types of noises do garage doors make and what do the sounds mean? Some of the most common noises include:

Banging. Your door bangs or knocks when you use the automatic opener. This may mean it’s unbalanced. The fix for this issue typically requires a spring adjustment. A wrong adjustment can result in serious damage or create a safety hazard. Contact a professional for this repair.
Squeaking. Does your door sound like a mouse? If it constantly squeaks and squeals the door may have a loose roller, hinge issue, or need extra lubrication. A professional contractor can evaluate the issue, diagnose the cause of the squeak, and repair or lubricate the door.
Rattling. A rattle often indicates loose nuts or bolts or an unbalanced door. Again, this sound requires a professional consultation and fix.
Popping. This sound could point to a problem with the hinges, tracks, or torsion springs. A garage door technician can inspect the issue and make the necessary repairs.
While a noisy door is often a red flag you can’t ignore, it’s not the only reason to call for garage service. Read on for more information on other problems you may experience with your automatic opener.

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