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Why does my door need servicing?

Garage doors and their automatic operators must work 24/7 in all weather conditions. The last thing we want is for something to go wrong and to hear either you are stuck in the rain or stuck outside late at night.

Like anything, with a little care and attention, your garage door will keep performing long into the future. We recommend that it is serviced by an EMS Garage Door Service Technician every 12 months, to make sure it is lubricated and correctly aligned. In some cases not servicing your door could even affect your warranty.

Auto Garage Door Repairs

EMS Garage Doors has qualified Garage and Roller Door Service Technicians on-hand to service or repair your new or existing garage door. Whether you need repairs and replacement parts for your garage door, a motor or a remote; Steel-Line Garage Doors can help.

Our Garage Door Service Technician can undertake:

  • Lubrication, maintenance and alignment check
  • Replacement garage door motors
  • Replacement garage door motor electronics and parts
  • Coding new or existing garage door remotes
  • Replacement tracks and brackets
  • Replacement weather seals, cables and springs
  • New barrels, keys or complete locks

Our experienced garage door technicians service all EMS garage doors and operators as well as those of most other brands*.

* Dependent on availability of parts from suppliers.

Garage Door Installation

Our highly qualified garage door installer is there to make sure your new garage door lives up to, or exceeds, your expectations. They are trained to ensure that all the necessary adjustments and tolerances are met and that your automatic garage door opener is programmed correctly.

To ensure you have the full protection of our Customer Warranty, EMS garage doors must be installed and serviced by a qualified garage door installer. To locate your nearest independent EMS branch or resellers, please Contact Us.

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