Commercial & Industrial Sliding Gate

Product Outline

SFG design, fabricate and install a wide variety of commercial and industrial gate solutions. These are typically designed and fabricated to match or compliment the style of fence being incorporated in the particular project Typically our fences are one or a combination of the following styles:

  1. Chainwire
  2. Speartop
  3. Timber
  4. Colourbond
  5. Slats
  6. Custom design

From an operational perspective we provide for 4 distinct gate operational systems:

  1. Sliding Track Gates
  2. Sliding Cantilever Gates
  3. Telescopic Gates
  4. Swing Gates

As with our fences, our gates are made and installed to meet a specific design specification pertaining to height, width, and a combination of ancillary features.

SFG’s typical design starts with an RHS steel frame custom fabricated to the required specification and to operate with the designated system. Gates can be either made from steel or aluminium, powdercoated, or galvanised to meet Australian Standards. We use fit for purpose proprietary designed fixtures, fittings and rollers on all our gates.

Our gates are also designed to be automated..