Patented spring cover that ensures high assembling speed and excellent aesthetic and functional results. Accessory available only on request.

Patented anti-drop device in the event of rope break with mechanism built in the panel.

New patented side hinge with rapid positioning of the sliding wheel

Patented sliding system which ensures opening and closing within 150 mm rotation and 150 mm lintel, with motorized doors completely open.

Patented assembly system of the steel load-bearing structure. RAL 9016 paint available ON RE- QUEST.

New and exclusive safety photo- cell. It is able to stop and reverse the door BEFORE the impact with the obstacle.

Anti-noise central hinge exclusive hinge made of glass-plastic material which reduces the noise during motion.

Ceiling mounting brackets, makes easyer the mounting operation and guardantees quality and performance during the lift.

Angular insert for C-profile. Easy to assemble. It ensures a firm hold.

New safety device that avoids any possible finger injury.