The sectional door is made up of horizontal panels, connected to each other by hinges and which slide vertically, arranging themselves at the end of the opening parallel to the ceiling.
This particular mechanism allows the use of the entire internal surface of the garage, does not involve any external encumbrance, is easy to maneuver and ensures excellent thermal resistance.
The mechanical structure in galvanized steel, as well as the mantle made of steel sheet panels with a high quality polyester base coat, ensures the best protection against atmospheric agents, preventing the formation of rust. The maximum dimensions are L = 7m – H = 3.5m.
EMSkaff doors, in addition to ensuring the safety of people, also respect the environment, being made of non-polluting materials (CFC-free) that allow thermal insulation and at the same time promote energy savings.
EMSkaff proposes a vertical sliding sectional door system: with rotating spring shaft SR series.

Insulated bidogue panel